A & M Window Coverings is Different
You've heard the old saying, "Price, Quality and Service... Pick Two!"  

All too often this has become painfully true for consumers today.  We all want the best quality and
value for the lowest possible price.  In order for most retailers to deliver this, their service suffers
or is non-existent.  This is why ordering window treatments over the Internet has flourished.  
Buyer Beware!  You'll get the lowest prices but you'll be unsure of the quality until it
's too late and
there is
no service.  You provide all the service and assume all the risk of proper measurement,
installation, shipping, repairs and/or warranty issues.  In other words, you get what you pay for.

A & M Window Coverings is different from other dealers.  Price, Quality and Service... We
consistently deliver all three!  We never claim to have the lowest prices in town.  Those dealers
that do usually find themselves out of business within a year or two.  We do offer fair and
reasonable pricing for quality, high value, custom made window treatments.  We provide
exceptional personalized service before and after the sale.  We pay attention to detail.  We are on
time for sales and installation appointments.

That is our commitment to you!

At A & M Window Coverings, we pride ourselves on our superior service, quality of our work and
knowledge of the products available on the market today.  Our staff respects the fact that it is a
privilege to be invited into your home or office.  We approach every project as if it were our own
and strive to ensure that every client is completely satisfied with our service.  A & M Window
Coverings has been a "Gold Star" member of the Greater Houston Better Business Bureau since
2002.  We are proud of our reputation and continue to work hard to improve every
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